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Is "Prey" the best streaming movie of 2022?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Look at Hulu, making us proud! We're having a moment here, folks.

I have decided to (temporarily) forgive Hulu for all of their past sins. The hard to navigate for no logical reason home screen. The obnoxiously long commercials that completely disrupt whatever you are watching at the moment. All of it.

And yes, I am aware I can pay extra to have commercials removed but, fuck that. Streaming services were supposed to be an affordable, innovative pivot from traditional television, not a Houdini move to not-so-slowly morph into television over time. How about you upgrade the shit out of your services before you start asking me to fork over more cash, eh? We all know that the money is not in the commercials anyways, it's in our data.

We've all seen "The Social Dilemma", stop being so greedy.

Hulu overall has been pretty meh for me but I do give them credit for providing a lot of content I repeatedly come back to. Just please, please never opt to remove "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" from your platform, or I will take my dollars elsewhere faster than Charlie can order Milk Steak, boiled over hard.

Well, Hulu's done it. They've produced an original movie so good that the only negative I can find about it is that I won't have the opportunity to watch it in theaters. Yes, Dan Trachtenberg's (from "10 Cloverfield Lane") adaptation of "Prey" is that good. It shits on every other version of the film with the exception of the original while serving as the prequel.

Don't walk, your couch. This is a must-watch. Need the trailer?

I got you.

It crosses off everything on my checklist. Story? Check. Awesome and more importantly, original action sequences? Check. A lovable four-legged friend? Check. The Predator fighting a bear?! CHECK.

But where it really hits is the protagonist, Naru - played by Amber Midthunder, an American actress and member of the Fort Peck Sioux Tribe. Something tells me that we'll be seeing her around for a while, she absolutely shines, and it's impossible not to root for her.

And for those old heads opposed to the film simply because the main character is a female I offer two pieces of advice:

  1. Watch "Alien"

  2. Shut the fuck up

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