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well, hello there!

My name is Joey Cirilo and I am the individual behind "Pass the Everything"! Pass the Everything is a New Orleans-based food, drink, travel, and pop culture blog that was launched in April 2017. 

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My Story:

My entire life I've been, for lack of a better word, a "foodie." Upon moving to New Orleans in 2014 I discovered that I had also established an open invitation for family and friends to visit frequently, and oftentimes without my consent beforehand. I quickly realized that I was now an unofficial tour guide in a city I consider the most gastronomic-rich destination in the United States, and certainly the most unique. Out of sheer desperation, I began chronicling everything via a journal app on my phone and when that proved to be insufficient I decided to go public with my adventures. Thus, Pass the Everything was born. 

I saw an opportunity to establish an identity, ultimately carving out my niche with the goal of disrupting the online foodie space on a local, national, and international level. Over the years, Pass the Everything has evolved from a food and drink blog to include a podcast, a Substack appropriately titled "I drink and I know nothing", and the website was expanded to include short-form blog posts on pop culture topics that interest me. 

However you found yourself here, welcome! 

Some Brands I've Worked With:

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